Raccoon Dogs
If you mention the ornament of the raccoon dog, the raccoon dog of Shigaraki pottery is famous, but it is also lovely raccoon dog of Masshiko pottery of Tochigi prefecture, they have become idol s of our house.
Giant raccoon dog at Masuko Town
益子陶器市は5月の黄金週間に行われています。 Raccoon dogs.
Even in store many raccoon dogs  

In 1998 first coming Racoon dog Tanupoko to our house. In 2003 Mamepoko
The raccoon dog holds the liquor bottle on the gate  

Raccoon dog 2005

May of 2005

The festival in the holidays of Japanese golden week. Large number of the raccoon dogs

Very busy  


The raccoon dog which is in the various places of Masuko town.  
The stand signboard of Raccoon dog 8 faces.